1).Wat Pho

Wat Pho is the home to the Reclining Buddha which stands at fifteen metres tall and forty six metres long, the feet alone are measured at over five meters. The whole statue is covered in gold leaf and looks spectacular.


2).Grand Palace

Explore the golden side of Bangkok at the Grand Palace which is a palace complex with several royal buildings. Constructed in 1782, this palace was the king’s home as well as the place where the government of Thailand carried out their work.


3).Boat Trip along the Chao Phraya River

The river is the lifeline of Bangkok, Taking a boat trip down the river is fascinating. Chao Phraya River is the most beautiful aspect of Bangkok and the best way to capture its true essence is on a boat cruise. The activity lets you take in the most spectacular views of Bangkok, so it is not something you can afford to miss.



Chinatown in Bangkok is packed full of street stalls and restaurants the choice of places to eat will be endless, nowhere else in Bangkok will you get to try as many different kinds of Chinese food as you can here, especially at such good prices.

5).Watch Kickboxing (Muay Thai)

Thailand have numerous kickboxing stadiums but the biggest fights happen in Bangkok, at either the Lumpini or Ratchadamnoen stadiums. Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and it is talked about everywhere. Must to do if you are a Kickboxing Fan.

6).Floating Market

Hundreds of boats floating on water with food items and other products, create a unique shopping experience for outsiders – the floating markets of Bangkok are the most revered element in its cultural heritage. A tour of these markets is a must if you want to experience the local culture from a closer distance.


7).Siam Ocean World

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World dedicated to the aquatic life is the largest in Southeast Asia and houses a large variety of underwater species in a total volume of 5000,000 litres of water.


8).Safari World Bangkok

A tour of Safari World in Bangkok is a must to do. Thailand’s most famous wildlife park, Safari World features the best of marine and jungle species. There is a wide spectrum of varied experiences designed to let you enjoy a day full of recreation and amusement. 

9).Dream World Amusement Park

Offers Promising you an entire range of amusements designed for people belonging to all age groups, Dream World Amusement Park is an ideal destination in Bangkok one must visit with family. While the park features numerous electrifying high-octane rides and slides for adults, it is also a world full of themed attractions and cartoon characters to cheer up the young guests.