An otherworldly excursion that will leave you in wonder and a spot to feel freed, Shirdi is the homestead of the most respected holy person, Sai Baba. The lessons of Sai Baba motivate a huge number of people from over the world to visit Shirdi.

An unassuming community close to Nasik, Maharashtra, India, Shirdi is based on the Sai Baba Temple complex (which has four primary entryways). The traveler town is generally packed at year end and on significant celebrations, and is all around associated with Pune, Aurangabad and Mumbai by street.

Activities in Shirdi

Visit the Main Sai Baba Temple Complex

The complex incorporates all spots of profound significance: the Samadhi Mandir (when the primary icon and the samadhi or internment site of Sai Baba is), Gurusthan (where Sai Baba was spotted first), Samadhis of townspeople of that time, an exhibition hall where Baba’s things are shown, and donation, parsaad rooms and so forth. Every one of these spots are set apart with boards where their importance is written in English, Hindi and Marathi for fans to find out about Baba’s life.

Sanctuary’s day by day plan, bearings of sanctuaries and other significant subtleties are likewise referenced at different spots in the complex on unmistakable sheets.

The sanctuary opens at 4 am for the morning aarti called Kakad aarti) and the entryways are shut down at 10:45 pm (post the evening aarti called the Shejaarti).


Visit Dwarkamai and Chwadi:

Located directly behind the Samadhi Mandir, are two spots of profound significance identified with Sai Baba’s life. One is Dwarkamaii—known to be—where Sai Baba consumed the greater part of his time on earth. This is the place the devout fire is lit from which comes the debris powder called Vibhuti, which the supporters accept to be extremely amazing in rewarding their injuries, ailments and so forth. The other one is Chawdi, where likewise Baba invested a great deal of energy, and it is found right close to the Dwarkamai.


Make a day outing to Shingnapur

A little town in the Ahmednagar area of Maharashtra, Shingnapur houses the well known Shani Mandir. It is otherwise called the lockless town, as a great many people don’t bolt their homes or shops since they trust Lord Shani is guarding the same. Another belief is that whoever attempts to take anything will confront the anger of the god.