Sri Lanka also known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean is an island nation located in the south Asia. Sri Lanka is a separate country which is divided from India by the Palk strait and is thus rightly called the teardrop of India.  A lot of people confuse Sri Lanka to be a part of India whereas the fact stands in complete denial, as sri is an individual country with a separate democracy.
Sri Lanka has a population of more than 21 million people with multiple ethnicities. The major groups are sri lankan tamils and Sinhalese. The other two are christians and hindus and the religious followed mainly are buddhism, hinduism, christianity and islam. Sri Lanka can be rightly recognised as a diverse country with two official languages which are namely; sinhala and tamil.
Also known as the land of serendipity, Sri Lanka holds a variety of different land forms ranging from mountains to beaches.
The history of this vivid country can be traced back to two millennias.


Sri Lanka emerged as an independent country in 1948. The Sinhala community was in the majority so they had formed the government. They also followed preferential policies. These measures taken by the government gradually increased the feeling of alienation among the Sri Lankan Tamils. Due to which the relationship between the Sinhala and Tamil communities become poor. Sri Lankan Tamils launched parties and struggles for the recognition of Tamil as an official language, for regional autonomy and equality of opportunity in securing education and jobs. The distrust between the two communities turned into widespread conflict and turned into a CIVIL WAR. As a result, thousands of people of both the communities have been killed.The civil war ended in 2009 and caused a terrible setback to life of the country.
Sri lanka experiences a tropical climate. It ranges from generally 28-32 degrees celsius. It remains hot and humid throughout but from November to February the climate gets cooler and colder. All in all sri lanka seems to be an year round holiday destination with vast variety of topography.
Sri lanka is the most pristine form of nature which has lush green jingles, mist mountains, soothing beaches, abundant wildlife, flora and fauna. Not to forget is aromatic cinnamon and tea of sri lanka.

Now comes about the hospitality and warmth of sri lankans. These are probably the most generous people who are so welcoming to all the tourists and guests.
They have persistent smiling faces abs eagerness to help those unfamiliar with aspects of local life. Though they may be modest but they take pride in inviting people to their house.
A few places to mention are bentota, gale, kandy, colombo and many more.


The Undiscovered Country

You may state Sri Lanka has been stowing away on display. lot of voyagers have passed overhead on their approach to somewhere else, yet long periods of vulnerability kept Sri Lanka off numerous schedules.

Presently, nonetheless, every one of that has changed. The nation is pushing ahead rapidly as an ever increasing number of individuals find their charms. Lying between the more trodden pieces of India and Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka’s history, culture and common magnificence is charming. It’s the spot you haven’t been to yet, that you should.

Barely any spots have the same number of Unesco World Heritage Sites (eight) pressed into such a little zone. Sri Lanka’s 2000 or more long stretches of culture can be found at old destinations where incredible sanctuaries brag lovely subtleties even as they cover in caverns or roost on conspicuous pinnacles.


Over the island, that thing that goes knock in the night may be an elephant going to a most loved waterhole. Safari voyages through Sri Lanka’s agreeably loosened up national parks experience panthers, water bison, all way of winged creatures and a passel of primates.

Separations are short: see the hallowed home of the world’s most established living human-planted tree toward the beginning of the day (Anuradhapura) and stand awestruck by seeing many elephants gathering toward the evening (Minneriya). Find a most loved sea shore, ruminate in a 2000-year-old sanctuary, trade grins while walking a smooth town, wonder about feathered creatures and wildflowers, attempt to keep tally of the little dishes that accompany your rice and curry.

Sri Lanka is breathtaking, reasonable and still regularly uncrowded. Presently is the best an ideal opportunity to find it.


Rainforests and Beaches

At the point when you’re prepared to get away from the tropical atmosphere of the coast and swamps, head for the slopes, with their calm, painfully green charms. Verdant tea manors and rainforested tops entice walkers, trekkers and the individuals who simply need to see them from a train ride.

And afterward there are the sea shores. Brilliantly white and frequently untrodden, they ring the island with the goal that regardless of where you go, you’ll be close to a sandy pearl. Should you beat the inescapable laziness, you can surf and plunge world-class locales without world-class swarms. What’s more, you’re in every case only a short bounce from something utterly new.


Sri lanka is a travellers’ paradise and a place with unmatched beauty.
It is surely going to provide bliss to your eyes and elation to your heart.
If you haven’t been there, what are you waiting for you?