I hope this text is found by Honeymooners who are getting to visit the Andaman Islands and are busy preparing the itinerary of their honeymoon within the Andaman Islands.

When we consider the Andaman Islands as an entire there are many places that one can visit. Now, the trick is to chop the fluff which will not be liked by honeymooners.

Now, during this article of mine i will be able to cover most romantic and top honeymoon places in Andaman Islands for couples visiting Andaman Islands for honeymoon. I will do justice to guide the honeymooners to shortlist places to go to within the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

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When I speak to honeymooners on a visit to the Andaman Islands, they need to rush straight to Havelock Island and do not know what to experience the other locations like Port Blair, Neil, Baratang and Diglipur.

The main reason might be that folks mainly write and market about Havelock Island, and other attractions within the Andaman archipelago are altogether missed.

It is better you recognize all the destinations properly before confirming the tour itinerary.

So here we start with the simplest places to go to during our honeymoon within the Andaman Islands. to start out with, it’s better to understand the interest of both the partners to form the simplest use of some time in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

In addition, take left side seating while you’re on your flight during your onward journey to Port Blair. this manner you get an opportunity to experience the bird eye view of the islands just before you land at the Veer Savarkar Airport at Port Blair and that i bet that the view you see, will just set the bottom for the journey in Andamans during your honeymoon.



In Port Blair, i will be able to recommend you visit Chidiya Tapu to Enjoy the mesmerizing sunset. this is often a really good place to start out your experience after you reach the capital city Port Blair, on the primary day of your trip.

For those honeymoon couples who are more inclined towards experiencing something historic, then Cellular Jail should get on your itinerary. Cellular Jail is among the foremost visited destinations in Andaman. When in Port Blair, you’ll take a guide with you during your Cellular Jail Visit.

For the Cellular Jail visit, get your tickets booked beforehand , usually there’s an enormous queue to urge the tickets.

Now, in Port Blair other places that honeymooners can visit are North Bay and Ross Island. the rationale to feature Ross and North Bay Island is that a lot of of the activities that aren’t present in any of the opposite islands in Andaman are conducted on these islands. 



Various sorts of boats attend Ross and North Bay Island and you’ll take any of those during your trip as per your comfort.

When you visit North Bay Island you get an opportunity to experience Semi Submarine Coral Safari, Andaman Dolphin Glass boat Ride, skin diving and Sea Walking. Now, both Semi-Submarine and Andaman Dolphin Glass boat rides aren’t available in any of the opposite islands. These two activities are very unique and type of a must-do activity in Andaman.


So for an initial few days, a honeymoon couple can visit,

Day 1 – Chidia tapu along side Cellular Jail Light and Sound Show

Day 2 – Ross and North Bay Island along side any of the water activities as mentioned above.

Now, in Port Blair you’ll also visit Baratang Island and Jolly Buoy Island. These two places are a gem of an attraction that ought to not be missed. However, considering the amount of days you’re planning a visit to Andaman on your honeymoon, i will be able to abandoning of those attractions for now.

At now in my article, i will be able to end the places to go to in Port Blair for honeymooners before moving to Havelock and Neil Island. there’s one final thing that you simply must experience within the evening is that the dinner cruise in Andaman by TSG Bella Bay. you’ll cruise around Port Blair while enjoying your dinner.



well, now let’s move to Havelock and Neil Island. Here i might wish to share some insight for a honeymoon couple. i will be able to recommend to not keep your honeymoon for a really short duration. See if you’ll extend it to a minimum of 6 Days. there’s a reason why i’m insisting on a 6 days Andaman honeymoon package is because you get an opportunity to experience all the main islands, Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island.

However, just in case you’re visiting Andaman for five Days only then my recommendation is to drop your plan for Neil Island because the trip will become too hectic. 

So the fundamental remains clear that for a brief trip to Andaman, skip Neil Island and any time you’re extending your trip to over 5 days, Neil Island are often included.

Neil Island is one among the foremost beautiful places within the Andaman, and honeymooners will surely enjoy their time there. an evening occupy Neil Island island is enough, however, for those trying to find more leisure can stay for two Nights in Neil Island.

Let’s begin Havelock island now, the foremost preferred destination where everyone wants to go to and rightly so.

Apparently, things which will be wiped out Port Blair are much greater than Havelock and Neil Island combined. 



However, there’s a reason why Havelock leads in terms of the simplest island within the Andaman. The turquoise colored water, the gorgeous white beaches grow on you building a pristine atmosphere. The various reminders blue hold true once you see Havelock Island. For those that haven’t had first-hand experience of such amazing beaches and waters will surely be spellbound to experience something like this at Havelock Island.

Rightly so for our honeymoon couple a visit to Andaman. For them, Havelock may be a heaven and as I said earlier, “Havelock should never be missed”.

So what are you able to do when on a visit to an area like Havelock Island on a Honeymoon?

To start with, i will be able to say just ‘feel it’. The air, the crowd, and therefore the whole atmosphere will feel different here. The three major attractions here are

  1. Radhanagar Beach
  2. Elephant Beach
  3. Kalapathar Beach

These places are often covered in 2 days easily.

In addition, to this, i like to recommend honeymooners to enjoys skin diving and Sea Walking. confirm you get an experience of both of those activities.

You also have Kayaking which will be wiped out Havelock Island.

In both Havelock and Neil Island you’ll cover all the places during a few days. the remainder of the times in these islands are often at leisure. In Havelock Island, you’ll choose a Candlelit Dinner by the beach side also . Dining by the beach is an altogether different experience. Our Honeymoon Packages to Andaman contains only the places that are loved by honeymoon couples including candle lit dinner, decorated bed and cruise rides to succeed in various islands like Port Blair, Havelock and Neil island.



For Havelock Island you’ll include the subsequent places during this order

Day 1 – Port Blair to Havelock Island Or Neil To Havelock Island along side Radhanagar Beach

Day 2 – Elephant Beach Snorkeling or Trekking Trip along side Sea Walking

Day 3 – skin diving at Havelock Island and Return to Port Blair or Night occupy Havelock Island itself

Day 4 – Day at Leisure and Return to Port Blair

BeachFront Setup For Dinner

Though the above-mentioned places may vary based upon the interest of the couples. 

What I even have mentioned during this article should be experienced and that i bet you’ll love some time within the Andamans. 

Do reach bent us to understand more about our customisable honeymoon packages. Our  travel expert will revisit to you with an itinerary to suit your travel dates and budget.