Green, orange and blue; these 3 colors colour my creativity whenever I think of Kerala. Undulating palms, white sandy shores, placid backwaters, mild breeze whistling in your own ears, birds flying around, and sunsets so amazing they could reinstate your beliefs , Kerela makes for a superb rendezvous with character. In the Nilgiri Mountains into the backwaters of Alappuzha, by the shore of Kovalam into the Guruvayoor Temple, also by the village of Thenmala into the Palaces in Sree Padmanabhapuram, I have seen a great deal in my excursions to Kerala. Here is a lowdown on which you have to encounter on your journey.



Kovalam Beach is your signature shore here. Cozy coves, an ideal palm-fringed shore, and beautiful surf-washed beaches, Kovalam is a shore delight you do not need to miss on earth. It crosses three regions, the Lighthouse Beach, Samudra Beach along with  the Hawah Beach. Quite much like more secluded and refreshing is your Marari Beach comprising miles of sandy beaches, swaying palms, and also an opportunity to experience local life in Kerala. My most  favorite is the Muzhappilangad Beach. Why? I drove my buddy’s 4-wheel driveway on this shore. It’s the sole drive-in shore in the nation. It is a hurry to start throttle with this sandy expanse, see the surf dash your windscreen, and watch the sun color the skies orange.


If you look closer and focus, you may really feel the time visit a stop seeing your ship ambling through the backwaters, and showing a sort of beauty you will not encounter anywhere else on the planet. Speaking of ships, I was only reminded of this unbelievable Vallam Kalis…



Extended wooden canoes oared by near some 100 rowers at one time, these ship races are a spectacle you should not overlook.


While the price of lodging might vary from Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 8,000 each night, only the natural environment is sufficient to guarantee you your money’s value. The water, the tranquility, and the evening sunsets combined with some fantastic Keralan sea foods will call forth an air you would not need to associate with, ever.



These days, catamarans at Kerala include motors so that you would not need to row. I guess, it is too much of a cost to cover your serenity amid beautiful backwaters. I suggest that you select one with no engine and row as far as possible.


Do not depart Kerala without spending an hour of vanity at an Ayurvedic Spa. That is 1 thing all Kerala is renowned for. Small Ayurvedic therapy centers have sprouted everywhere. The majority of these are the things we could calL ‘pleasure spas’ since the remedies here will allow you to unwind, and at the very least, elongate your body a little. My favorite is the Lake Village Backwater Resort at Kottayam. It delivers some fantastic Ayurvedic bundles for both comfort and actual ailments such as spinal ailments, rheumatism, migraines, tissue disorders, peripheral vascular spondylosis, and many others.



Until lately, Kerala was unaware to eco-tourism. Local homes are now available for explorations in the Thenmala Village. Live like the natives do and revel in adventure activities like hiking, fishing and boating. There are two I know of that provide a similar sort of experience. You may try seeing them too.


You will need permission to enter and will probably come with a Forest Officer that will direct you through the crazy and help you speak with local tribesmen. This Xmas, for me personally, is one of the matters unforgettable adventures are constructed of…


…but there is more to Kerala than simply beauty and nature, such as its culture, religions, dances, songs, town life and purchasing. I will return to that really shortly. Until then, dream of Kerala or even in the event that you can not wait, reserve a vacation here.