Nestled within the Malabar coast of India, Kerala is aptly dubbed ‘God’s Own Country’. Needless to mention , Kerala’s landscape and wonder leaves an indelible mark on every visitor who decides to spend a couple of days within the glory and grandeur of this place. 

While the backwaters and plush greenery add an unparalleled peace and quiet to Kerala, the rich culture and heritage lend joy and excitement to the present land. Thus, it’s no surprise that each traveler finds something to their liking in Kerala. Whether it’s contact the beach at leisure or going around trying to explore the history of this place, Kerala has too many elements to form your vacation unforgettable. so as to assist you experience the aforementioned things, we’ve come up with a couple of reasons to stay Kerala on your top most priority while picking your next tourist destination. 


Reasons to go to Kerala


  • Climate and Environment 

One of the various reasons for Kerala’s popularity as a tourist destination is that the lush greenery that accentuates its beauty. albeit advancement and urbanization have found their way in many cities here, Kerala has somehow managed to preserve its flora during a beautiful way. This not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also makes the air so clean and straightforward to breathe that folks experience an interesting change from the clamor and commotion of city life. 


Kerala features a diverse climate due to the range in its geography. While the high ranges remain cold throughout the year, the plains experience hot and humid weather . Nevertheless, the climate here is usually pleasant and you’ll plan a vacation counting on the sort of season that befits you. 



  • Art, Culture & Heritage

Kerala’s culture may be a mixture of Indian and Dravidian culture. This finds expression within the various art forms prevalent here. Kerala is especially famous for its vibrant Kathakali performances (a dance form that mixes opera, ballet, masque and pantomime) which you’ll enjoy at Kerala Kathakali Centre, Kerala Kalamandalam, Folklore Museum and Navarasa Kathakali Centre. Kalaripayattu is another famous self-defense form that involves the synchronization of mind and body. 


You will also lay your hands on a gorgeous collection of art and crafts as Kerala is legendary for its carvings in Rosewood and Sandalwood, coconut shells, coir carpets, cane furniture, metal jewellery and granite statutes. a really popular handicraft item here is that the wooden face of a Kathakali dancer available in several colors, shapes and sizes.



  • Colourful Festivals 

The vibrant and exciting festivals are one more reason to plan a visit to Kerala with none second thoughts. Kerala enjoys celebration and merriment throughout the year; however, if you would like to plan a vacation to experience a festival in its full tide, you ought to come here around July-September when the Kerala Boat Festival takes place. The backwaters come to life when the snake shaped boats match the rhythm of old songs sung fully zest and volume. Onam is another festival celebrated fully swing here because it marks the arrival of King Mahabali. the town looks splendid around this point of the year as houses are elaborately decorated with flowers ten days before the particular day. The highlight of this festival is that the delicacies served on plantain leaves. tons of individuals believe colourful masked faces dancing to beautiful rhythms once they believe Kerala. this is often a neighbourhood of an 800 year old festival celebrated between April –December during which mythological tales of India are depicted through people dressed up as deities. 



  • Backwaters 

 The backwaters of Kerala also referred to as Kerala backwaters is taken into account to be one of the foremost beautiful and popular tourism destinations across the planet . The backwaters provide an excellent opportunity to take a seat back and appreciate the sweetness of nature. Quaint houseboats glide across lagoons and lakes flanked by towering palm trees. These houseboats are like floating cottages designed to accommodate tourists and supply them an unparalleled experience of the sweetness of Kerala. Food is provided on board by the skilled chefs who skills to present the Kerala cuisine in only the proper way. the simplest places to enjoy a backwater cruise or houseboat are Alleppy, Kumarakom, Kollam, Kasarsgod and Kuttanad. 



  • Ayurvedic Treatments 

Kerala is renowned and trusted for its Ayurvedic massages and coverings and it goes without saying that your holidays in Kerala would be incomplete without experiencing the advantages of it. This oldest sort of medicine focuses on a holistic approach to health and living. Kairali-The Ayurvedic Healing Village, situated amidst the luxurious greenery in Palakkad is renowned for its Ayurvedic treatments and massages by experts during this field. the simplest thanks to relax and unwind after an exciting tour of Kerala is to enjoys a treatment that befits your interest. These massages and coverings are known to ease and cure several ailments also .



  • Pristine Beaches 

Kerala also qualifies as an ultimate holiday destination due to the big variety of beaches present here. These untouched and tranquil beaches provide the right space to laze around, choose a romantic stroll or simply enjoy the extraordinary views together with your family or friends. aside from stunning views, the Vizhinjam Beach also gives a glimpse of the local fishing culture. This beach is found very on the brink of Trivandrum and provides a gorgeous peep into the local culture and traditions of Kerala. another beaches that ought to definitely get on your Kerala itinerary are those in Kovalam, Kappad, Kannur,Varkala, Cherai, Marari and Bekal.



  • Picturesque Hill Stations

If you’ve got had enough of the beaches, Kerala offers a gorgeous change in its hill stations. Wayand will entice you with its thick cover of rainforests and therefore the mist-clad mountains. Ideal for a weekend getaway, this place also has sprawling spice plantations and a spread of adventure sports to enjoys . Munnar is especially famous for its tea plantations and tea museum that will take you thru the history of tea plantations in Kerala. Athirappilly may be a lesser known hill station famous for its 80-feet high waterfall that’s often compared to Niagara falls by many of us . a couple of other hill stations known for his or her beauty are Vagamon, Ponmudi, Silent Valley, Idukki, Peermedu and Gavi.



  • Food and Cuisine 

Kerala is additionally a well-liked tourist destination due to its unique food and presentation style. The locals and lots of restaurants serve the meal on an enormous green banana leaf along side a refreshing accompaniment called toddy (palm wine). This state is understood to serve a number of the foremost delicious and freshest seafood within the country. Kerala cuisine may be a major highlight among travelers and tourists from other parts of the planet . another items that are popular among tourists are appam with stew, puttu and ghee roast with sambar. 


The aforementioned pointers might offer you an inkling of what Kerala has future for you, however, if you’ve got a selected idea for your vacations in Kerala, you want to choose customized Kerala tour guides. With a plethora of options to settle on from, Kerala promises to entice every traveler and tourist who plan a stay or vacation here. For more information on the way to plan your Kerala tour, you’ll get in-tuned with