The Golden Temple is the most significant journey site for Sikhism on the planet. In like manner, there are many guests from all over India and the world visiting this site every day. Numerous structures encompass the Golden Temple. They house, in addition to other things, regions for strict examination, convenience for explorers, and kitchen offices to take care of countless individuals daily. Most regions are available to people in general. Whenever the timing is ideal, you are free to meander on the grounds investigating the various structures and rooms.

the visit:

1. The Golden Temple is completely encased in gold. Around evening time, a large number of lights sparkle onto the outside of the gold to make a stunning appearance. Before it, there is a huge man made shallow lake that mirrors the lights. The impact of the gold, the lights and the impression of the gold and the lights onto the lake, is completely dazzling.

2. Each and every individual who enters the Golden Temple must cover their head. They give orange scarves to the individuals who don’t have their own head scarves. After entering the complex, there is  an ocean of orange scarves. Promptly, you felt associated with the Golden Temple and different guests.

3. There are not really any non-Indian guests. At the point when you go there, you sense that you are a piece of a significant strict festival without feeling like a are invited and welcomed to praise the Golden Temple like each other individual there.

4. Families are all over the place. There are minimal ones going around with guardians pursuing them. Encircled by their families, the old stroll with their youngsters and grandkids. They appear to be excited to impart these minutes to them.

5. Despite the fact that the Golden Temple is an outstandingly significant strict site for Sikhs, the climate at the Golden Temple is upbeat and celebratory. Individuals talk, youngsters play, and everybody takes photographs of themselves and one another.


6. Everybody has their own individual minutes. There are colossal open regions and walkways around the lake and the structures. There is a great deal of room for everybody to move around as they wish and pick their own minutes to reflect.


The Golden Temple is the most revered gurudwara for the Sikhs. Harmandir Sahib is its official name. But due to its the gold plated building, devotees lovingly refer to it as the Golden Temple.The main building of the Golden Temple is surrounded by a lake. People of all religions come here in huge numbers to offer prayers and take a dip in this supposedly holy lake.