vrindavan   Madan Mohan Temple   Built in 1580, by a merchant named Ram Das Kapoor, Madan Mohan temple is that the oldest temple of Vrindavan. it’s believed that Lord Krishna rested at this exact site after killing the demon snake – Kaliya. History of this holy temple actually dates back to over 5000 years, […]

A Perfect Trip to Tirupati Balaji

A visit to this temple is the feature of any outing to Tirupati. The frantic surge, relentless reciting, high security, intensely embellished icon and the convincing quality around the divinity – everything about Tirupati is basically appealing. That’s it, not much. The Venkateshwara sanctuary is a will be a strict milestone and is swarmed by masses of individuals perrenially. […]

12 Famous Places to Visit in Mumbai

1. Sanjay Gandhi National Park: For Wildlife Enthusiasts Engaging for its greenery fauna, this park is the main safeguarded woods sited inside as far as possible. This park is a great one day excursion spot in Mumbai in summer and offers a few things to keep the kids involved. Crushed among Thane and Mumbai, this park spread […]