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Go Girls GO

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About Go Girls Go

Initiative by Rising Star Tours & Travels

GoGirls go it is interesting to find different styles of people have adopted for themselves.

Travel is a trend and everyone is in hunt for her own kin to take them to their dream destination , Hey Girls Get Set Go. Be ready to unwind yourself. This is your life ,Be yourself give time to yourself. Some of us work hard all year to go big for our two weeks off work. No matter what kind of traveler you are, we are all very privileged to even be able to set foot on a plane. The more we travel and see how simply the majority of people live, the more we want to give back to the world we love so much to explore.

we are off on new adventures, there are mothers wondering how to feed their families and children without shoes often right around the corner from our hostels and hotels. The Rising Star Tour & Traveler Network’s Giving Back Program is to remind ourselves to stay grateful and for us to share some of the privilege with which we were born.

Upcoming Group Tours Exclusively for Girls

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