Remember Amitabh Bachchan singing a love song for Zeenat Aman on a small boat. Yes, that location was Venice.


Venice is the most romantic and beautiful city in Europe. Its summer sunset, public squares, architectural inspiration, narrow canals and gondola rides will make you fall in love with this city.

Gondola ride

The most popular Gondola ride in Venice is an epitome of romantic scenes. Just imagine taking a gondola ride with your partner through the narrow canals past historic multi-colored buildings and experiencing a summer sunset-wow! What an intimate and dreamy scene it could be. To top it up you can enjoy the gondolier playing romantic Venetian music. Believe it, this could be the most memorizing moment and once in a lifetime experience to get the warmth of love in such pampered environment.

San Giorgio Maggiore

If you really want to explore the city then the best place in Venice is san Giorgio Maggiore. There is an old waterfront church from 16th century located on this island. Its bell tower gives you an opportunity to have a magnificent glance of the entire city including Venetian lagoons and how they are connected by the canals. The real fun is to climb this tower at the sunset to get the warmth of love all around. The church has few inspirational paintings and works of art and rest major portions of the wall are mostly white which symbolize that people were met allowed to decorate them by the Benedictine monks. The opera at the music a palazzo is very different from other opera shows as it is set amongst the candle lights and the music is played in three different rooms. The blend of lightning, music and audience and the singers. Two is good enough to make you feel romantic the original state furnishing and frescoes will add intimacy to your experience.

Giudecca Island

Lattice, the long promenade along Venice’s southern shore is a perfect place for a pleasant stroll. Even Giudecca Island is a great spot for some close moments of togetherness. Venice looks glamorous at sunset with pink-streaked sky and becomes quiet at night.

The Vaporetto

The Vaporetto in Venice is a famous water boat bus ride which can used to commute and explore the magnificence of the city. This is the most romantic and thrilling experience. If you are an art lover then don’t forget to visit Doge’s Palace. It flaunts lavish interior of historic attraction and is built in Gothic style. It displays intricate designs and precious works of art and architecture.

The Rialto Bridge

The Rialto Bridge is a famous hotspot for the tourists. It is the oldest bridge along the canal and provides a picturesque view of the city. The most romantic thing to do here is to other take a stroll or stand at a corner and have a glance of the splendid beauty of city. You can have some really memorable moments here.

Although there are not many beaches in Venice but the most preferred one for the honeymoon couples is Alberoni Beach. It is like an open swimming pool situated in a nature reserve away from the city’s hustle-bustle. You can enjoy sun bath, bike riding and skiing kind of activities.


Well, those who want to escape the city crowd and enjoy some peaceful and cherished moments. Should plan to visit the city during September to November.

So, that time the weather is bit chilly but very comfortable and rejoicing. So, come and adore the city of love.