Paris is a city of love, romance, fashion and art. It is an amazingly beautiful place to venture. The city has some extremely fulminating attractions without which the trip to Paris would be no fun.

Paris-Eiffel Tower

The very glorious Eiffel Tower is a delight to watch. It is much more beautiful in reality than in pictures. It is truly glamorous and is more than 900m high. You are surely to fall in love with the beauty of the city that lay at your feet from such dizzying height.

Paris-Musee Rodin

Mosee Rodin is the most beautiful museum in Pakis. It has a lovely fountain, mesmerizing rose gardens and delightful outdoor café in its lush green compound. The museum organises special exhibitions on contemporary works. It used to be the mansion of a great sculptor who had a studio in it. The stunning Luxembourg garden is a perfect place to enjoy picnic and bask on the lawn chair in the sunshine. It is a fun place for children of all ages as they can race their sailboats in the basin behind the Senat, fancy a puppet show and have a ride on the city’s oldest ‘Merry-go-round’. It has immaculate paths for afternoon stroli and an old apiary where bee-keeping in taught Paris has been gifted with the world’s greatest and largest art museum called ‘The Louvre’. It showcases the three most popular pieces – winged victory. The Mona Lisa and the venues de Milo. If you are an art lover then is the must visit place for you else you have other options too.

Paris-The Cathedrale de Notre-Dame

The Cathedrale de Notre-Dame is the symbolic heart of Paris as being negotean was crowned here. Many kings and queens take their marriage vows in front of his altar. The architecture of this Cathedrale presents an unforgettable view of Paris. Paris is called the city of love because at night it looks as if whole of Paris is immersed in the sea of lights. The boat ride on river ‘seine’ or night-time walk through the streets of Paris is regularly attractive for the visitors. It is an ideal destination for the honeymoon couples. The most romantic place in Paris is the Pont des Arts where many loving couples have vowed their undying love with the help of ‘love padlocks’. Countless such padlock could be found attached to the waiting’s of the bridge. Lovebirds come here to vow their endless love for each other.


The wall of love is a must see for all the loving couples designed on the thrill of Montmartre, the highest natural elevation. The world’s most beautiful sentence has been immortalised here in 3rd different languages. The summit of the hill of Montmartre features the most amazing view of Paris access the city.

Paris is the most romantic and aspiring destination for the lovebirds because of its exotic walk along the Siene river, glowy nights and relishing food secured at some lovely hotels.

Be ready to take a plunge into the city where love blossoms. This summers, give your best to your family.