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Q 1. Where will the kitty take place?

Q 2. What about Food

Answer- You will get Indian Food through out as

3. What if I leave the kitty in between.-

Answer- You cannot leave in between however you can
nominate or gift your membership to any person you
like before 35 days of travel without any charge.

Q 4. Can we bring along other family members- for

Answer- Yes, at a Nominal Cost Rs.250/- per member
per event.

Q 5. What if we miss to pay any installment –

Answer- You will not be part of Lucky Draw and Rs.
100/- fine per day per member.

Q 7. Will you send your person to collect the kitty

Answer- No, you have to make arrangements to send
the money everytime.

Q 9. Any benefits if we give reference

Answer- No. We respect that but no financial

Q 10. Will we get any benefit – if more than 5-10 people
join the kitty

Answer- No, We respect that but no financial

Q 11. What will be the last date to make the payment –

Answer- One Day before the Tea Party/ Lucky Draw

Q 12. Do we need to pay any amount extra for Tea Party-

Answer- No (not for the members, but Rs. 250/- for

Q 13. Is it mandatory to attend the Tea Party –

Answer- No and you will still be part of the Lucky Draw

Q 15. What if i am not able to travel on the final dates –

Answer- Cancellation Rules Apply as per terms decided.

Q 18. Any Child or Infant discount.

Answer- Only Infant Discount, No Child discount

Q 19. If I have to travel alone –

Answer- Single Supplement will apply

Q 20 Is it transferable –

Answer- Yes till 35 days before departure.

Q 21. When the Group will Travel –

Answer- Within 30 days of last Tea Party

Q 23. What if I am already holding a Valid visa

Answer- Visa fees and Service Charges are not included
in the cost.

Q 24. What if I have to go for Cancellation and can not
arrange substitute

Answer- Cancellation Rules Apply. However your Travel
Insurance (not included) will support you.

Q 26. Since lottery is banned in Delhi, hope it does not
arise any compliance –

Answer- This is kitty and not lottery. Do not worry

Q 27. Will you keep the members name discreet –

Answer- No, as you all will be meeting in Tea Parties.
Apart from it we do not share any body’s travel details
with anyone as rule of our company.

Q 28. Is there any guarantor for our money –

Answer- We are renowned Travel Agent approved by Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India operating in Ashok
Vihar from last 18 years and has roots at the same place
from last 40 years.

Q 30. What if I don`t get Visa for my opted destination

Answer- Any individual has to self analyse his visa
prospects and then join the kitty. We at Rising Star
Tours & Travels do not stand guarantee for the visa
outcome for any one and for any country even if applied
thru us. Cancellation apply

Q 31. Any help for senior citizens considering it`s a
group tour –

Answer- Due care will be given to Senior Citizens, but
only bodily able persons should join. Family members
must care of their special needs.

Q 32. Can we upgrade the hotel or transfer

Answer- Yes (if possible) at extra cost.

Q 33. Can I extend or cut-short my trip –

Answer- Yes (if possible) Amendment Charges apply.

Q 34. Will their be any Escort or Tour Guide

Answer- Yes (will join you, once you reach your

Q 35.Can new members join in between

Answer- No they cannot, until there is a cancellation by
any member

Q 37. Will we be getting leisure time of our choice to
spend –

Answer- We have already provided you complete
itinerary for travel.

Q 39. What if my visa is delayed –

Answer- Cancellation Rules Apply (even if Visa applied
thru us). Visa is in Embassy’s hand.

Q 40. What if I loose the documents/ miss the flight /
stopped at Airport Immigration

Answer- We will help you the best way possible but
otherwise we will be forced to treat it as cancellation by

Q 41. What if my baggage is lost/ delayed.-

Answer- We will help you the best way possible but
have to rely on airlines response.

Q 42. How can I Pay-

Answer – You can pay by cash/cheque or bank transfer
or credit card as well (2% extra for credit card

Q 43. When the kitty will start

Answer – Kitty will start only when we have full strength
of 50 People

Q 44. What will be the category of the hotel used

Answer – Everywhere 4 Star (Rating by Trip Advisor)

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