Ho! Ho! Ho! The winters have set its foot and so, have the festivities. With winters arrives, festivals and HOLIDAYS. Most of you have already planned or are beginning to plan holidays. For those who are yet confused about what, when, where and how’s, here are our top 5 destinations that you must consider for this Christmas and New Year’s.

1. Goa

Goa has a well reputation for its parties and beaches.

Goa beaches

Goa is known for its catholic churches and you can choose from over 400 churches. During Christmas these churches ephemeral beauty and serenity is one to die for. The church also, prepares for special feast and other activities. Undoubtedly, goa is on this list for its Christmas-sy and New Year endeavor. You can chill on its beaches, rave in its music festivals and for adventure lovers, you can enjoy water sports activities like scuba diving, wind surfing, etc. It is favorite go-to place for party-animals, music-crazies and adventure-lovers. In December, goa is all lighted up with fun, life and energy.

2. Manali

Manali for Christmas

Manali during winters is freezing cold. People who love snow filled Christmas trees, here is your ideal destination. It is a misconceived notion that Manali is a place for honeymoon couples. In fact, nature lovers who wants to have peace and get rid of hustle-bustle of city life should celebrate this December and New Year’s- eve at Manali. Temperature is likely to drop as low as zero degree Celsius with snow tacks all around you. You can stay here in Log Huts, enjoy coffee on a rocking chair soaking yourself besides fire chamber.

3. Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur for Christmas

Kuala Lumpur is popular for it pubs, restaurants, hotels, bazars, etc.

The entire Malaysia is on a shopping spree during these holidays. You can do the same. Malaysian markets are full of cheap fashion stuff. New Year means illuminated skyline with lighted high rising buildings and colorful fireworks.

Kuala Lumpur for New Year

The New Year’s Eve fireworks always center round the Petronas Towers and KLCC park – which is the center of Kuala Lumpur.  The streets will be packed as everyone waits for midnight to celebrate the arrival of the New Year.  KL Menara [Tower] has a Festive night on Christmas Eve.  The streets will be packed as everyone waits for midnight to celebrate the arrival of Christmas Day.

4. Paris

Paris for Christmas

Wish for a more extravagant beauty than Paris, it is Paris in Christmas. With gorgeous lights and display, like a dream.

Why it an ideal destination?

Because, it has traditional Christmas markets, you can go ice-skating, enjoy special holiday meals and a bonanza, Disneyland! Disneyland is not only for children but also, for the grown-ups.

Paris in Christmas

5. USA

USA in Christmas

USA is all lit up during winters. The long holidays are welcomed with utmost pleasure and enthusiasm in US.

All the sweet delicacies, extravagant dinners, parties and what not mark . In Us people decorate their houses with statues of Santa Claus, reindeers, lights, etc. And the famous Christmas street light in US is the Rockefeller Center in New York where there is a huge Christmas Tree with a public ice skating rink in front of it over Christmas and the New Year.