Amsterdam is a city of brick building, open skyline and rich history. The best way to explore this city is through a walking tour. This city has grown around its canals which are incredibly amazing and there’s nothing like seeing the city from a boat

Check out some cool things to do in Amsterdam:-

  1. On your trip to Amsterdam, make sure to visit ‘Zaanse Sehans’ museum detailing history and symbol of traditional crafts and ‘Bloemenmarkt’, the most famous place to buy tulips. If you are a lover to flavorful cheese then do visit ‘Reypenaer’ tasting room. The most famous windmill out of the eight left is ‘De Gooyer’. It is a wonderful place to sip beer as it is right next to the award winning artisan brewery.

De Gooyer

  1. Von delpark, the largest green space in Amsterdam is a wonderful picnic spot. It is a cultural hub and has a number of sculptures, some even by the great Picasso. It has various kids’ activities, dance and music options and so is an attraction for all.

Von Delpark

  1. The world class art museum ‘Rijksmuseum’ has the largest collection of art and artifacts from 15th century till date. You can just delve into the past of the city with some of the wonderful museums exhibiting the marvelous paintings and photos. On one hand you can get a chance to view old painters’ paintings and on the other hand some modern paintings too in ‘Stedelijk Museum’. It is in the shape of bath tub and has splendid collection of 20th  and 21st century artists as well as pre-war works. There is another museum named ‘Von Gogh’ museum which holds 200 paintings and 500 drawings produced by the troubled genius as well as Japanese paints.


  1. ‘Begijnhof’ is a secret garden in Amsterdam which has a hidden sanctuary and is away from city’s hustle-bustle. In the middle of courtyard is ‘Engelse kerk’ the vital place of worship for the local English community. It is a popular tourist spot and the only sound you can hear here is of whispering.


  1. Sightseeing area in Amsterdam is Leidseplin where you can mingle with masses. Apart from this the main sources​ of entertainment are nightclubs, concert venues, movie theaters, casinos and coffee shop. The ‘Melkweg concert hall’ and ‘stadsschouwburg’ city theatre’ are famous for performing art.


  1. Zoo is the main attraction for families travelling with children. There you can find lions, monkeys, penguins and other 750 species. You can also see aquarium, insectariums, planetarium and butterfly garden. It is an ideal place for people of all age groups.

Amsterdam is one of the most romantic and beautiful small cities in Europe. It has magnificent museums, historical sights, rich cultural heritage, good means of transport, extensive canal cruises, lively nightlife and international restaurants. This is a city of diversity and tolerance.

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